Vaughn 4 Arm 4 Speed Travelling Irrigator


• 20,000 Gallons per hour capability only achieved by having 4 outlets
• Sensitive four way steering for accurate directional control
• Automatic drive shut off
• Four speed selections
• Four wheel configuration
• Hot dipped galvanized for extreme stability
• 300 metre Run
• Low center of gravity

Along with Vaughan’s other great range of low pressure travelling irrigators, the Quad x4 is the latest in the Vaughan Irrigators. With four rotating arms the irrigator is able to throw twice as much water and with four speeds it can travel at over 2 to 4 times faster than other irrigators cutting down on expensive running costs. Other imported irrigators claim the same capacities but with only two outlets and small nozzle sizes this is not possible. Manufactured in Australia by Vaughan Irrigators you can be assured of a Quality Product. This Irrigator will be the way of the future.

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